Quality management

Quality in all processes

As your trusted steel partner, our quality management system is a top priority for us. Having held DNV certification for many years, NAUMANN STAHL also obtained the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification in September 2018, which means that we adhere to the latest standards in quality assurance.

Our customers can rely on our team-oriented employees to deliver the exceptional performance, flexibility and service that you would expect from a family-owned company – both now and in the future. This is reflected in everything we do: in our goods, our performance, our delivery reliability, our speed and our expertise.

We insist on top quality not only for our products, but also for our employees and our processes.

Quality policy

Since 1960, NAUMANN STAHL has specialised in high-quality and premium steel sheets. The stable quality of our service has been the cornerstone of our many years of success in our industry. For us, quality means satisfying and, wherever we can, exceeding customer expectations – both spoken and unspoken.

Our customer base is largely made up of companies in the container, apparatus and machine construction sectors, as well as the steel industry. For customers, the quality of our products and services is a key criterion for purchase decisions, orders and long-term business relationships. We always do business in the interests of our customers and serve as a reliable partner in the national and international steel trade. As a family company, we strive to maintain and protect our unique identity and personal relationships with customers. We apply the same philosophy to our relationships with our suppliers, service providers and other stakeholders.

All of our employees strive to deliver high quality for our customers at all times. We challenge all of our employees to contribute to the achievement of our business objectives through their day-to-day work.

All of our processes are transparent and clearly defined. They are subject to a process of continuous improvement and development, both to ensure that our customers are satisfied and to continually raise the bar in terms of customer satisfaction. When we introduce new processes, we document them immediately and manage them to ensure that we achieve a high standard of quality in all areas, at all times. Our understanding and awareness of quality, and our employees’ commitment to our quality management system, are key to the satisfaction of our customers and to long-term business relationships – and therefore to the long-term success of our company.

Our quality policy is defined by company management. Our management team has committed to the consistent application and improvement of the quality management system. The quality policy is regularly evaluated and adjusted where necessary to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and appropriate.