You can also count on our comprehensive expertise and global network for these services:

Icon Werkstoffprüfungen aller Art durch erfahrene Dienstleister

All kinds of material tests carried out by experienced service providers

We work closely with local material testers and test laboratories. Multiple times a week, we carry out ultrasonic testing (in accordance with EN 10160, ASTM A435 or A578) in-house to ensure fast delivery times. Regular visits ensure that samples are swiftly transferred to the lab for destructive testing.

Our standard services include spectral analysis, metallographical analysis of the structure of the material, notched-bar impact-bending tests, standard tension tests, thermal tension tests, tension tests in thickness direction (Z tests), Vickers, Brinell or Rockwell hardness tests and weld bead bend tests in accordance with SEP 1390. We can also test complex PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment) processes.

Other tests are available on request.

Icon Strahlen + Primern

Shot-blasting + priming

This surface treatment and conservation process is one of the most common in the industry, and it can be applied to our products too. We work together with expert shot-blasting companies who we can contact at short notice and who are known for their swift turnaround times.

We shot-blast to cleanliness standard SA2.5 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944 as standard. Sheets up to 3000 mm wide are shot-blasted in a conveyor shot-blaster and then cleaned in a brush and blower system. If required, the surface can then be protected against external damage using a primer or shop primer such as single-component zinc phosphate. Customers can choose from a range of layer thicknesses and colours.

Icon Beizen + Ölen

Pickling + oiling

Need a completely pristine surface? Then we can send your shot-blasted material to our pickling subcontractor, who will remove rust and scale left over from milling and annealing to make it easier for you to work with the sheets.

The sheets are first submerged in an acid bath to remove impurities, ideally using a medium such as hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid, which triggers a chemical process that removes residues from the metal. The acid is then removed through passivation in a rinsing vessel. To protect the cleaned surface, corrosion prevention oil can be applied at the customer’s request before the sheets are packed.

Pickling is usually carried out on sheets measuring up to 1500x3000 mm, but we can work with larger dimensions on request.

Icon Weltweite Logistiklösungen durch kompetente Partner

Global logistics solutions implemented by competent partners

Our long-standing partnerships with reliable logistics providers enable us to ship your materials worldwide by road, sea or air freight.

Freight carriers value our fast processing and the resulting short waiting times, which we achieve through our optimised material flow, simple routes for drivers with separate entrance and exit gates, a three-lane concourse and the spacious layout of our site and large yard.

From the small vans we use to deliver to local customers in a 150-km radius from our site, to extendable flat-bed tautliners with a 3-metre wide load surface and express shipments to the farthest-flung corners of the country: We will find the right way to you!

The fact that we are located close to the Port of Antwerp in Belgium (around 180 km away) is helpful for sea freight. As the second-largest port in Europe (based on load volume) and the largest in the world for package freight, Antwerp is a crucial hub in international shipping, providing access to virtually any destination. We work together with local freight companies who know the port inside and out.

For urgent shipments that need to be transported by air, we are located close to Düsseldorf Airport.