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Unalloyed case-hardened steels

DIN EN 10084 (DIN 17210)

C15 / C15E steel is an unalloyed case-hardened steel.

Materials in this category possess excellent processing properties for machining and reforming. The carbon content is low, at just 0.10% to approx. 0.25%.

The steel is case-hardened once the components have been produced. The workpiece is carburised in an appropriate medium, such as powder, gas or a salt bath. This process is followed by the standard quenching and tempering treatment. As the carbon is only found in the surface after “case hardening”, the surface is the only element that is hardened. The result is a material that is soft at its core, with a surface that is significantly stronger and therefore more resistant to wear. These properties make the material ideal for machine components such as bolts, joints, gear wheels, coupling components and gear shafts.

Application areas Unalloyed case-hardened steels:
Tools, die making, machine components

C15 / 1.0401 + C15E / 1.1141

Thickness in mm Formats in mm
1,50 to 100,00 1.000 x 2.000
8,00 to 100,00 2.000 x 6.000
Further details on C15 / 1.0401 + C15E / 1.1141

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Kerstin Urbas (Authorised Signatory)
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