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Manganese steel / austenitic manganese steel


This type of steel is primarily used in shot-blasting machinery, where its high resistance to pressure and impact makes it ideal for use as panelling inside the shot-blasting compartment. Manganese steel is also used to make components for chipping machines, in crusher jaws, in bulk material conveyor systems and in preparation and process technology.

In magnet construction, this non-magnetic material is used to protect the coil housing against mechanical damage.

This grade of steel is also used in security technology, for example in the manufacture of safes, and in security components in doors and gates.

Application areas Manganese steel / austenitic manganese steel:
Shot-blasting machine construction, security technology (doors, panels), safe construction, wear-resistant components for chipping machines, crusher jaws, bulk material conveyor systems, preparation and process technology, centrifuges, magnet construction

Unser Angebot im Bereich hochverschleißfester Hartmanganstahl

X120Mn12 / 1.3401

Thickness in mm Formats in mm
1,50 to 50,00 1.000 x 2.000
3,00 to 6,00 1.000 x 3.000
3,00 to 20,00 1.250 x 2.500
3,00 to 30,00 1.500 x 3.000
6,00 to 50,00 2.000 x 6.000
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