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High-strength fine grain steel

acc. to DIN EN 10025-6, quenched and tempered, suitable for welding

These quenched and tempered fine grain steels offer a combination of high strength and yield limit values and very good softness properties, making them a highly versatile steel for construction applications.

These materials can make cranes and earthmoving machinery significantly more cost-effective by reducing their weight and therefore increasing their payload.

Application areas High-strength fine grain steel:
Steel construction, steel hydraulic engineering, pressurised containers, boiler construction, construction machinery, mining, conveyor systems, machine construction, lifting equipment, mobile cranes, offshore oil + gas, wind power, bridge building

S690QL / 1.8928 + S690QL1 / 1.8988

Thickness in mm Formats in mm
4,00 to 200,00 2.000 x 6.000
5,00 to 80,00 2.500 x 6.000
8,00 to 80,00 3.000 x 6.000
8,00 to 80,00 2.000 x 12.000
8,00 to 80,00 2.500 x 12.000
8,00 to 50,00 3.000 x 12.000
Further details on S690QL / 1.8928 + S690QL1 / 1.8988

If you would like to make an enquiry or ask us a technical question about this material, please get in touch with our contact person for high-strength fine grain sheets in S690QL1:

Klaus Schulz (Authorised Representative)

Head of UNALLOYED + Quality Management

Klaus Schulz (Authorised Representative)
+49 2131 75105221

Kerstin Urbas (Authorised Signatory) Graduate in Business Administration (DAA)


Kerstin Urbas (Authorised Signatory)
+49 2131 75105222

Tobias Erbach Graduate in Steel Distribution (BDS)