Wear-resistant sheets

Wear-resistant sheets

Quenched and tempered, suitable for welding, various factory grades in stock including BRINAR 400 and FORA / RELIA 400

These varieties of steel are used in applications where metallic components or surfaces are exposed to abrasion. They are not subject to any European standard; their specification is outlined in material data sheets by the manufacturer.

The characteristics of this group of materials are obtained by optimising the alloys with manganese, chromium, molybdenum and nickel, in conjunction with quenching and tempering prior to delivery.

The combination of high resistance to wear and excellent processing characteristics gives these materials the advantage of a significantly longer service life, which in turn significantly reduces costs compared to the use of general construction steels.

Application areas Wear-resistant sheets:
Construction machinery, chipping machines, transport equipment, mining, recycling, agricultural machinery

AN400 / 1.8714 / 400HB

Thickness in mm Formats in mm
4,00 to 50,00 2.000 x 6.000
70,00 to 80,00 2.000 x 8.000
8,00 to 60,00 2.000 x 12.000
5,00 to 15,00 2.500 x 6.000
8,00 to 15,00 2.500 x 12.000
8,00 to 40,00 3.000 x 12.000
Further details on AN400 / 1.8714 / 400HB

If you would like to make an enquiry or ask us a technical question about this material, please get in touch with our contact person for wear-resistant 400 HB sheets:

Klaus Schulz (Authorised Representative)

Head of UNALLOYED + Quality Management

Klaus Schulz (Authorised Representative)
+49 2131 75105221

Kerstin Urbas (Authorised Signatory) Graduate in Business Administration (DAA)


Kerstin Urbas (Authorised Signatory)
+49 2131 75105222

Tobias Erbach Graduate in Steel Distribution (BDS)