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Mergers in the Naumann Group

The company form changes. Our quality remains as usual!

For a number of years, all shares in Artur Naumann Stahl AG (referred to for short as “AG”) have been held by Naumann Stahl GmbH & Co. KG (“KG” or the “Company” for short). KG also holds all shares in Artur Naumann Stahl GmbH, Stuttgart (or “GmbH” for short).

KG defined the Group-wide regulations and acted as the leading holding company. On 27.11.2020, the notarial documentation of the incorporation of AG and GmbH into KG was entered into the commercial register and therefore legally recognised, with retroactive effect from 01.01.2020.

As a result, all agreements and contracts of AG and GmbH will be transferred to Naumann Stahl GmbH und Co. KG under universal succession rules, with no changes to their contents or terms.

Your contact persons will remain the same. The telephone numbers and email addresses of our employees have not changed.

Click here to read the official letter from our Board of Directors, which explains everything you need to know.