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Loading address:

Bataverstr. 90
41462 Neuss

Loading hours:
Monday - Thursday         7.00 - 15.00
Friday                            7.00 - 13.00
     if registrated on Fridays till 16.00 

-by crane            max. 25 to
                          max. 3000 x 12000 mm 
-by fork lift         max. 8 to 
                          max. 2000 x 6000mm 

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Product range

We store on 12.000 sq covered storage area nearly 17.000 tons of steel plates in about 30 different special qualities.

Our products are supplied only at german steel mills or other West-European producers.

Besides our storage products we have certainly capabilities for surface processing like shot blasting and painting or pickling and oiling. Therefor we cooperate closely with our partners for many years.  

Our delivery program includes:

General structural steel for structural steel work, tank construction and bridge building.

Alloyed and unalloyed case hardening and heat treatable steel for tools and engineering parts.

Alloyed and unalloyed pressure vessel steels for boilers and vessel fabrication.

High resistant manganese steel for shot blasting equipment and safety techniques
in grade X120Mn12 / 1.3401.

Normalised fine grained steel for pressure vessel building, structural engineering machinery and structural steel work.

Water quenched and tempered abrasion resistant and high strength steels for earth moving and mining equipment, heavy road vehicles, crushers, shredders and other structural steel work.

Soft annealed spring steel in qualities C75 / CK75 / C75W.

Please inform about our product range

Artur Naumann Stahl AG
Bataverstr. 90 · 41462 Neuss · Tel.: +49 (2131) 75105-0 · Fax.: 02131-75105-239 ·
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